Pocket Nerd app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Pocket Apps Canada Inc.
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Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Nov 2010
App size: 8.98 Mb

Unleash the inner nerd in you with Pocket Nerd!

Featuring 20 nerdy sounds in 4 modes:

"I know every prime number"
"Remember the two most important things in life: BEDMAS and FOIL"
"I hold the worlds record for reciting Pi -- 3.14159265358979...."
"Always find the lowest common denominator"
"Trigonometry is your friend"

"E equals MC squared"
"I love electromagnetics!"
"Hmmm.. whats the wavelength of infra-red rays?"
"Always obey Newtons Laws"
"Einstein is my role model"

"Hey, wanna be beaker buddies?"
"Posters of hot babes? No Way! Ive got the Periodic Table of Elements poster, thank you very much"
"Why do chemists iike Nitrate so much? Because its cheaper than day rates! Ha ha ha ha!"
"Off to the lab!"
"Whats the atomic number for Thulium?"

"Hey, have you seen my calculator?"
"Always use a pocket protector to guard against pen leaks"
"Who needs belts when youve got suspenders"
"Tip: Cut your underwear to disarm a wedgie"
"Broken glasses? Nothing a little tape cant fix!"